2 02 2010

Ancient Egypt

2 02 2010

Nearly 3000 years ago, Egyptians roamed the deserts of Egypt, in search of other civilizations so that they could trade or purchase goods. Some Egyptians were wealthy and had better clothing, better mummification, and better houses. The Egyptians had a class system, made up of the slaves, farmers, craftsmen, scribes, governors, and nobles. The Pharaoh was their living god and their leader. Pharaohs married within their family to keep the royal bloodline pure. Children did not get to play much, but instead helped their fathers in their work.
The Egyptians believed in an afterlife, and because of this they developed a way to keep their bodies from decaying. They thought that they needed their bodies in the next world.
The Egyptians built huge tombs, and filled them with all of the things that they would need in the next life.


2 02 2010

The Sphinx is a statue tomb with the head of a man and the body of a lion. The Sphinx was also used as a temple guardian. The most famous and largest Sphinx is The Great Sphinx of Giza.
The head of the Great Sphinx is supposed to be the Pharaoh Khafre.

King Tut’s Tomb

1 02 2010

King Tut’s coffin was 24 pounds! For some reason there were toys and more gold items in his tomb so it was pretty helpful for archiolgist to understand Egypt more now.

King Tut was a very worshiped Pharoah. I went to see King Tut’s coffin at a muesuem, and it showed all the items that were inside and boy, was that gold heavy! Here are some of the items they found in his tomb.

Egyptian Gods

1 02 2010

The Following are Egyptian Gods.
Sun- Ra
Destruction- Sekhmet
Sky- Nut
Earth- Geb
Dead- Osiris
Desert -Seth
Pharoah -Horus
Magic- Isis
Wisdom- Thoth head of ibis
Embalming -Anubis
Justice- Ma’at
Cats- Bastet

The First Girl Pharoah?!

1 02 2010

Queen Hatscheput was a girl pharoah, but dressed as a man because Egyptians can’t have girl Pharoahs. She married her half brother when she was 12 years old, and was the very first girl pharoah. Some scienstists think that she died because of bone cancer.


1 02 2010

Egyptains Were mummified most of the time. The weathly good afford to get very good mummifcation, but not as good as the pharoahs. This is because the egyptains thought Pharoahs were there Gods.